Although I can't claim to be a native species, my love for the Ardnamurchan peninsula has deep roots. Drawn to the wild beauty, stunning seascapes and ancient forests of one of the Highlands' most celebrated and unspoilt areas, the seeds of the Sunart Soap Company were planted over 20 years ago when I discovered an abandoned house in the village of Strontian. The location and the challenge to bring it back to life proved equally irresistible. 


Sitting on the shores of Loch Sunart, with the headlands of the magnificent Morvern hills straight ahead, the house and land have long since been restored and over the years welcomed a steady stream of family, friends and guests to escape, relax and recharge surrounded by the best of nature and Scottish hospitality. Mission accomplished but then, in search of handcrafted, eco-friendly toiletries to share with our guests, I found myself dipping my toes into another role - artisan soap maker. The more I learned, the more I was inspired to create an exclusive range of organic toiletries using the finest natural ingredients.


The Sunart Soap Company's collaboration with Jenny Smith, one of Scotland's leading soap makers with a passion for all things natural, has led to our launch collection of carrot oil based hand & body creams, organic hand & body washes, natural lip balms - and of course, organic glycerine soaps that inspired our company name - with each range capturing and reflecting the essence of this unique and beautiful part of the country.


For many Sunart is journey's end, however long or short their stay. But of course we're just at the start of our journey and like following the long and winding roads that lead through the splendour and tranquillity of Ardnamurchan, we can't wait to find out where it takes us. We look forward to welcoming you along the way!


David Campbell, Founder